Monday, 11 February 2013

Tips to save money when you travel - must read this

Saving moeny when you travel is quiet an aritistic formula which needs very simple efforts. Most of us think only financial advisors can save money, in fact if you know how to make an excel sheet then you are almost know how save money.

Money savings start by plan ahead and monitor your progress, be prepared to put a recovery plan when things go out of budget. Ok, we know the basic priniciples as to how we can start savings, now I am going to describe how we can really start saving the money and observe that we have really saved some.

Plan Ahead:

First, we should plan ahead of our journey which means first ask the following questions to yourself,

Where I am going? you should first familiarise yourself with the location map, city name and name of the place where you are intend to stay, if you are planning to stay at a hotel then try to explore other options such as B&B, Travel lodges, last to minimise your accommodation expenses. Search for comparision sites to keep your accommodation at minimum. However choose the best option based on your personal circumstances.

How I am going? you should prepare a travel plan as to which mode of transport that you are aiming to choose with then the route that you are aiming to travel, compare the price differences between the mode of transports, always remember to ensure the timings of the buses or trains prior to confirm the tickets because some times the waiting time in between connection trains or buses are always tricky and critical.

If you choose to go by car, then first thing get your car checked by a professional mechanic as to establish the car is in a roadworthy condition, then prepare the road map and make sure your navigational software is working properly & updated and route map selection settings are choosen preferably and rightly. Keep the first aid kit, car insurance and registration details in your access all the time.

If you are intending to rent a car then make sure you shop around in the market, google search is one of the best option to get best deal available,, go compare etc could help to see the available deals.

Money in the bank accounts

Here comes the important area, always ensure that both your bank credit and debit cards are with you all the time, most importantly money should be readily available to spend in them. Keep some cash with you because sometimes its very difficult to find free cash machines or cash machine at all in emergency.

Contact details

This is another important thing which everybody must do when plan to travel, keep as many as possible people's contact details with you of both at your home and destination, because it is vital for a police or ambulance team to find your next to keen's contact details in case of emergency.

In my next post, I will write about how to save money when we travel abroad and exchange currency.
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