Friday, 13 February 2015

Money saving advices - Simple but crazy steps/advices to save serious money

For many people saving money is always a rocket science to master, but from my experience I will show what crazy things I do to save my money.
Saving money is for me a part time job, because I know you should work to get more money, but here I am the boss, so if you are looking for a part time job to earn more money then you are in the right place.

Tell me honestly how many of you know how much money you spend monthly including personnel and house hold expenditure? If you don’t know the exact answer to the question then, please spend some time to read all below steps then you will save money for sure.


First off all, you should know how much money your spending for a month, so take a pen/pencil and a note book and do list out all your expenses from day 1 to end of the month.
 Make sure your monthly expenses cover the below list,

·         Grocery shopping weekly
·         Mobile Phone bills
·         Landline phone bills
·         Internet
·         Credit card payments
·         Personnel loans repayments
·         Car insurances
·         Mortgage repayment  
·         Weekends shopping expenses
·         Drinking Alcohol beverages
·         Smoking
·         Travel
·         Hotel rooms
·         Electricity bills
·         Car maintenance
·         Child care expenses
·         Fuel expenses
·         Boiler cover
·         TV subscription
·         Monthly clothes shopping
·         Miscellaneous, this should be at-least 5 % percentage of you overall expenses

Ok, now you should have the budget amount with their expected pay dates. If you have this then you have successfully started to save money. By following the next steps, you will know exactly how much money you are going to save.


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