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Increase Adsense CPC - Simple Steps Must read this

Google Adsense is one of the mostly used PPC ad network among millions of bloggers and webmasters.As you have seen, i personally use Google Adsense to monetize my content and make money with my blog. Today i will explain how to increase adsense cpc (Cost per click ) with some simple steps. CPC in short can be defined as amount of money you make per every click you got on your adsense ad.If you are getting very low cpc, as low as $0.01 per click, then no matter how much traffic your blog gets, you might not be able to make as much money you ever desired.
In this post, i will simply explain some steps to increase adsense cpc and make more money with Google Adsense from your blog.You might have heard about these steps to increase adsense cpc before in any other blog, yet i am going to review them again on my blog. In this post regarding steps to increase adsense cpc, i will explain what is Adsense CPC and how you can increase adsense cpc for your blog and increase your overall revenue.

Adsense CPC – What It Is ?

Suppose you are using Google Adsense on your blog to monetize your content and make money.Now if your blog is getting enough traffic but you are still making very little money with your ad network, then the only reason behind this problem is low cpc. CPC, as i previously explained is the value of every click or the money you make per every click you get on your adsense ad of your blog. Your adsense revenue mainly depends on CPC (Cost per click ), CTR (Click through Rate) and eCPM (Cost per 1000 impression ). The more is the value of these factors, the more money you will be able yo make.

Steps To Increase Adsense CPC

1. Focus On Your Niche :  This is one of the best and most useful step to make more with Google Adsense. If you want to make more money and increase adsense cpc, you must choose any high paying niche for your blog. There are many niches which pays you very high cpc. Niche like Domains , Gadgets, Banking, Automobile,Health,Real Estate, Loans, Jobs are very effective and pays you high CPC. So if you ever choose any niche from these,you won’t have to worry about how to increase adsense cpc and more more money.
2. Write better and high quality unique content that is easy to read for your visitors. The more better you write, the more traffic you will get and hence more clicks on your adsense ads. The more unique and high qualified your content is, the more money you will be able to make with Google Adsense. Better content give better and high increase adsense cpc. Try to target more traffic from countries like USA, UK or another country where you don’t have to worry to increase adsense cpc. This is another step to increase adsense cpc and make more money.As i explained in my previous post, do proper keyword research and then write something.
3. Another factor which is highly effective to increase adsense cpc is your blog’s page rank.The more is the page rank of your blog, the more is the more  increase adsense cpc you will get. If your blog’s page rank is 0 or 1, then surely you are getting $0.01 as cpc. But if your blog’s page rank is 5 or 6, then don’t worry to increase adsense cpc. You will get high CPC ads shown on your blog automatically.This is another step to increase adsense cpc.
4. Another factor to increase adsense cpc is Ad Review Centre. This is just an option in your Google Adsense dashboard which help you to enable or disable low paying ads on your blog.This is another simple step to increase adsense cpc. Just block low paying categories and get high paying ads automatically shown on your blog.If your blog is all about blogging or making money online, you should block all categories like banking, health, apparels or any other which are irrelevant to your blog.This step will surely increase adsense cpc.
5. Another factor to increase adsense cpc is Competitive Ad Filter. Just like above Ad Review Center, this is another option in your adsense dashboard to block certain categories and show only the ads relevant to categories you enable to choose. This is another simple trick to increase adsense cpc and show ads relevant to your content.
6. Have you ever checked your Google Analytics account properly. If yes, then you should be aware of the traffic stats and the platform from where your blog is seen. Means your blog is seen either on any laptop, or on any mobile device.So, if your blog get enough traffic from mobile platform, try to optimize your blog for mobile and insert proper ads wherever necessary. This will help you to increase adsense cpc and get more ad clicks.This is another step to increase adsense cpc.
7. Another trick to increase adsense cpc is to attract targeted traffic towards your blog.You should try to get more traffic from countries like USA or UK rather than India. For every single click you get from USA or UK, you can earn $2-3 and from any click you get from india you will get $0.10 -$0.40
8. Never forget this trick to increase adsense cpc. Always try to use text ads more than image ads as these ads will help you to get higher CPC than image ads. You can use these ads in posts to get more clicks and hence more money.
9. Keep experimenting your ad placement. Remember that your Google Adsense account is not getting banned if you are experimenting your ad placement after certain interval.Whenever you found any better ad placement, just make it default and increase adsense cpc. This is the last but not the least step to increase adsense cpc and make more money with adsense. Try to use large rectangle ads and large vertical ads in your blog to get high CPC. This will help you to increase adsense cpc and give better benefits.

These steps will surely increase adsense cpc and give you high benefits. If you know any other step to increase adsense cpc, share with us.


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