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How to find a cheapest boiler cover - very useful tips


The comparison sites below are good for boiler cover comparisons, but not necessarily for other products. Check the Cheapest Gas & Electricity and Home Phones guides for advice on those products.

uSwitch for range and power

The widest, most powerful comparison is offered by uSwitch*, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Enter basic home and boiler details and it will return quotes based on the age and model of your boiler, excluding policies that won't cover you.
It doesn't cover every insurer, so it's worth trying a couple more below to ensure you get the widest reach.

Extra comparisons to increase your quotes

A few more comparison sites are worth looking at to increase the number of insurers searched but they only list policies worth investigating further - they don't provide quotes based on your info.
Energyhelpline* is a less functional search and includes fewer providers. But it's still worth checking as it covers different firms to uSwitch.
It may also be worth checking Boiler Choices*, which includes a couple of providers not searched by other comparison sites.
If you've time, check MoneySupermarket's* listings to see if any policies suit what you're after.


Some providers or their offers aren't always included in comparisons, so for full belt 'n' braces you should get a quote from some of these too.

Npower (includes annual service/ boiler check)

nPowerNpower's Hometeam* Boiler Care Flexi costs £9.95/mth for the first year (usually £11.50 p/mth). It includes an annual boiler service & safety check, unlimited call-outs and repairs (£50 excess/call which is relatively standard). This is open to anyone, including non-Npower customers.
If you are looking for that bit more cover, with no call out fees, the Hometeam Central Heating Care* contract will also cover the central heating system, and your controls, at £15 a month for the first year (usually £17.50 per month).
It's worth being aware this is actually a 'service agreement', not insurance. Read How am I protected? for an explanation of what this means.

Eon - Unlimited callouts

EonEon's Central Heating Care comes in a number of shapes and sizes. Again, you don't need to be a customer to get this cover.
The cheapest is £12.25 per month (but you pay the first £50 toward any repairs on your boiler), up to an all-encompassing policy, including water and electrics, for £21.25/mth.
It's worth being aware this is actually a 'service agreement' not insurance - read How am I protected? for an explanation of what this means.

Green Insurance (Boiler/Emergency Homecare)

Green InsThis Green Insurance* policy offers the cheapest premium at £8.33 p/mth (£99.96 annually). It offers a mixture of boiler and emergency care cover.
Unlike other boiler protection policies, an annual service is not included within the premium.
This product's new, therefore, your feedback would be great.
It's worth being aware this is actually a 'service agreement' not insurance - read How am I protected? for an explanation of what this means.

Plus a few home emergency policies to consider

A home emergency policy looks at more than just boiler cover. Central heating and hot water, burst pipes, blocked drains, leaking roofs, broken windows and overnight accommodation are likely automatic inclusions. But the maximum amount that'll get paid out if you need your boiler fixed is much lower.
Direct Line - 15% off online
Direct LineDirect Line offers 15% off its Home Response 24 policy online. It's not included in any comparison sites, so you must go direct to check its prices.
It's an emergency policy so won't cover everyday problems, but it does have a 24-hour callout line, and covers electrical wiring, security issues and more.
Swinton Home Emergency from £5/month
USwitchSwinton* offers two options: a £4.99/month Home Emergency policy and a £6.99/mth option which adds cover for glass, locks and roof damage. Both currently offer three months' free cover.

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